Set of 2 Peacock Champagne Saucers

Set of 2 Peacock Champagne Saucers

Item Code - ART51186ST2
  • Vetro placcato elettrificante all’interno in argento e all’esterno i colori cambiano da turchese a blu metallizzato
  • Decorato con Piume di Pavone tutto intorno
  • Soffiato a Bocca
  • Raccomandato Lavaggio a Mano


Peso 140 g

115 × 115 × 180 mm


35 cl







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Artland’s Mirage brilliantly merges together the concept of creating an interesting and colourful glass whilst not taking away the users’ ability to see the colour of the drink within.
The crisp and clear bowls of the flute, wine and gin glass, sit atop a stem and foot plate which are completely coated in the most incredible multi-coloured, metallic decoration.
This coating’s colour is akin to an oil slick as it changes from jewel purple to blue, to green and gold… and back again!

The DOF Tumbler has the same effect covering the bottom third
of the glass, still allowing for that great mix of colour and clarity.

Due to the unique nature of the manufacturing process the order and
thickness of the coloured bands will be different on every glass.

Each piece is hand crafted and mouth blown.