Set of 2 Wave Wine Glasses Gold

Item Code - ASD10396
  • Modern, clean-lined shape decorated with a flowing metallic design
  • Tall and elegant stem
  • Mouth blown and handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Designed in the UK
Peso 110 g

75 × 75 × 220 mm


40 cl


Clear, Gold



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Anton Studio Designs’ Wave Wine Glasses Gold are modern and elegant!

Taking its name from the tidal, metallic peaks flowing around each glass, Wave is a stylish way to add gold and silver to your table… and to your drink!

Gently rising and falling, as the design navigates its way around the glass, both the gold and silver are bright and polished, thus giving a reflective, mirrored finish. It is added in a manner too, so that it does not obscure your drink, but instead, accents, the glass, its contents, and the setting in which it is placed.

Within the gift boxed pair, be it the wines glasses, champagne saucers, gin cocktails or DOF tumblers, each of the glasses have a differing design, so to mimic the free-flowing reality of actual waves.
The gift boxes too have been given elements of gold and silver, with the ‘ASD grey’ trim being changed to gold or silver, so to match whatever is inside!