Tropical Leaves Champagne Flute

Item Code - ART30109
  • Bicchiere dal design incantevole con una finitura a specchio argentato all’esterno e una verde metallico all’interno
  • Decorato con foglie tropicali tutto intorno alla coppa del bicchiere
  • Soffiato a bocca e fatto a mano da artigiani esperti
  • Raccomandato lavaggio a mano
  • Progettato da Artland
Peso 120 g

70 × 70 × 250 mm

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Artland’s Tropical Leaves range is exotic in more ways than one! There is a huge amount happening within each mouthblown glass. The outside of every bowl has a mirrored silvered finish from which is lasered out a rich foliage of leaves most commonly found in the rainforest! These leaves are made richer still by the soft green metallic interior which glows through the leaf silhouette and really makes it stand out from the silver.
Alongside the six drinking glasses in the range, being a wine glass, gin bowl, champagne saucer, martini glass and tumbler, Tropical Leaves also has within its collection two striking hurricane lamps, which when lit up look even more sensational!